Statistics Challenge Cup 2004-2005

Year: Stage: Position:
# Player name Pos Team GP G A P PIM +/-
1.Pavol RieciciarFBasingstoke Bison10000
2.Mark FlorenceFSheffield Steelers10000
3.Matthew FoordLWLondon Racers10000
4.Scott NicholCLondon Racers11120
5.Denis LadouceurRWLondon Racers10000
6.Greg WoodFBasingstoke Bison10000
7.Jason BuckmanFNottingham Panthers10000
8.Adam BrittleFCoventry Blaze10000
9.Shane MooreDBasingstoke Bison10000
10.Brent BobyckLWSheffield Steelers10002
11.Eric CairnsDLondon Racers10002
12.Shaun YardleyFNottingham Panthers20000
13.James CookeFNottingham Panthers20000
14.Ryan LakeFSheffield Steelers20000
15.Simon ButterworthFSheffield Steelers20000
16.David CousineauDSheffield Steelers20110
17.Dominic HopkinsRDBasingstoke Bison20000
18.Bari McKenzieFCoventry Blaze20110
19.Rhys McWilliamsFNottingham Panthers20000
20.James NealFNottingham Panthers20000
21.Duncan DalmaoDBasingstoke Bison20004
22.Jeff CoreyFBasingstoke Bison30224
23.Mark DutiaumeLWSheffield Steelers31452
24.Steven EllisCBasingstoke Bison30000
25.Jozef LukacRDCoventry Blaze32020
26.Roman TvrdonCNottingham Panthers31234
27.Steve McKennaDNottingham Panthers31124
28.Todd KelmanDBelfast Giants31122
29.Shaun ThompsonFBasingstoke Bison40002
30.Douglas SheppardRWBasingstoke Bison41232
31.J.J. McGrathRWLondon Racers40000
32.Steven DuncombeDSheffield Steelers40002
33.Joe CiccarelloCSheffield Steelers400010
34.Tony RedmondFBasingstoke Bison40110
35.Shawn MaltbyCBasingstoke Bison42462
36.Wade BelakDCoventry Blaze410131
37.Jerry GalwayDBasingstoke Bison41124
38.Ricky SkeneDBasingstoke Bison40002
39.Owen WalterDBasingstoke Bison41128
40.Michael FordFBasingstoke Bison42248
41.Jeff EwaskoDBasingstoke Bison401110
42.Michal VrabelDCoventry Blaze40116
43.Rob DavisonDCardiff Devils520216
44.Jeff ChristianLWSheffield Steelers503329
45.Roman GavalierDBelfast Giants50002
46.Ed PattersonRWCardiff Devils52242
47.Pavol MihalikDCoventry Blaze501124
48.Leigh JamiesonFBelfast Giants50004
49.Mike PeronCSheffield Steelers522439
50.Lewis BuckmanFNottingham Panthers51010
51.Paul MoranRWNottingham Panthers60004
52.George AwadaRWBelfast Giants61234
53.Mark MorrisonRWBelfast Giants60002
54.Fredrik NäsvallLWBelfast Giants64152
55.Neil FrancisFCardiff Devils600012
56.Marc LefebvreLWSheffield Steelers60000
57.Jason StoneDCardiff Devils60000
58.Darren CottonCLondon Racers62130
59.Marc LeversFBelfast Giants60112
60.Curtis HuppeRWBelfast Giants60224
61.Erik AndersonCSheffield Steelers61344
62.Tony HandFBelfast Giants6461010
63.Nathaniel WilliamsFCoventry Blaze60000
64.Ron ShudraDSheffield Steelers61126
65.Mel AngelstadLWBelfast Giants600014
66.Gerad AdamsDSheffield Steelers651616
67.Jason BowenLWBelfast Giants60228
68.Greame WaltonDBelfast Giants60000
69.Diarmuid KellyCBelfast Giants60006
70.Gavin FarrandFSheffield Steelers60110
71.Daryl AndrewsDSheffield Steelers63144
72.Curtis BowenLWBelfast Giants611216
73.Paul SampleFSheffield Steelers60002
74.Shane JohnsonDBelfast Giants62572
75.Marek IvanCNottingham Panthers772910
76.Kim AhlroosRWNottingham Panthers73140
77.Yannick TremblayRWLondon Racers710122
78.Doug SchuellerDCoventry Blaze71340
79.Ben BlissFSheffield Steelers70000
80.Chris McNamaraRWCoventry Blaze744828
81.Adam CalderLWCoventry Blaze720250
82.Dion DarlingDSheffield Steelers70116
83.Dusan HallounD/FLondon Racers72136
84.Tom WatkinsFCoventry Blaze720222
85.Richard HargreavesFLondon Racers70118
86.Dennis MaxwellLWLondon Racers724659
87.Jason RobinsonDLondon Racers700012
88.Mark GouettDLondon Racers71018
89.Russell CowleyD/FCoventry Blaze81010
90.Andre PayetteLWCoventry Blaze814590
91.Brent PopeDBasingstoke Bison80118
92.Scott RicciDNottingham Panthers80442
93.Mark CadotteD/FNottingham Panthers83580
94.Graham John Robert SchlenderRWCoventry Blaze802245
95.David ClarkeFNottingham Panthers82134
96.Ashley TaitRWCoventry Blaze85492
97.Jan KrulisDNottingham Panthers815622
98.Matthew MyersCNottingham Panthers801137
99.Steve MoriaCLondon Racers803318
100.Jim VickersDLondon Racers820210
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