Statistics Findus Cup 2002-2003

Year: Stage: Position:
# Player name Pos Team GP G A P PIM +/-
1.Ken PriestlayCDundee Stars1012162810
2.Frederic "Teeder" WynneFDundee Stars10716238
3.Tony HandFDundee Stars10715226
4.Daryl LavoieDBracknell Bees122192134
5.Mikko KoivunoroCNewcastle Vipers107132012
6.Jan MikelDDundee Stars96101639
7.Marc WestD/FHull Thunder86101632
8.Patric LochiRWDundee Stars10961510
9.Johan BomanFDundee Stars1069158
10.Dan CurrieLWHull Thunder8581312
11.Todd DutiaumeLWFife Flyers8581314
12.Jim BrownCCardiff Devils82111322
13.Craig LyonsRWGuildford Flames10571210
14.Paul BerringtonFBasingstoke Bison8391210
15.Rob TrumbleyFNewcastle Vipers10651142
16.Mike LankshearDNewcastle Vipers10651110
17.John HaigLWFife Flyers8651110
18.AJ KelhamFBasingstoke Bison765112
19.Russell RomaniukLWCardiff Devils7651128
20.Karry BietteRWFife Flyers7651110
21.Hilton RugglesLWCoventry Blaze10561142
22.Jan KrajicekDEdinburgh Capitals8561133
23.Steven LynchFEdinburgh Capitals838114
24.Steven KingRWFife Flyers7381112
25.Mike EllisD/FBasingstoke Bison864104
26.Joel IrwinRWNewcastle Vipers1055108
27.Simon LeachFNewcastle Vipers9371016
28.Scott YoungRDHull Thunder8371046
29.Stephen WallaceFNewcastle Vipers10281010
30.Steven KayeFEdinburgh Capitals863922
31.Derek DeCostyFGuildford Flames1054910
32.Chris CrombieD/FBasingstoke Bison854920
33.Paul FeroneLWHull Thunder854916
34.Joel PoirierFCoventry Blaze1045920
35.Marty HughesDDundee Stars1036920
36.Steve CarpenterDCoventry Blaze1036950
37.Jason LaFreniereCGuildford Flames1027910
38.Martin LapointeDNewcastle Vipers1018934
39.Nicky ChinnFGuildford Flames1053894
40.Jeff TrembeckyCNewcastle Vipers853810
41.Martin CingelFEdinburgh Capitals844816
42.Martin WiitaFDundee Stars103586
43.Steve ChartrandCCoventry Blaze103586
44.Kurt WalshFCardiff Devils835812
45.Adrian SaulCEdinburgh Capitals835818
46.Mark MorrisonCFife Flyers81784
47.Mike ShewanDSolihull MK Kings852718
48.Ron ShudraDCoventry Blaze104376
49.Daniel MeyersDSolihull MK Kings1634716
50.Corey LyonsFGuildford Flames1025751
51.Andreas MoborgDCoventry Blaze1025750
52.Eric LavigneDHull Thunder825732
53.Jeff DanielsCSolihull MK Kings80774
54.Shaun JohnsonFCoventry Blaze84260
55.Jason DaileyDFife Flyers833624
56.John DownesFEdinburgh Capitals63360
57.Tony RedmondFGuildford Flames102464
58.Peter CampbellCBasingstoke Bison824620
59.Steve SmillieRWHull Thunder724618
60.Janne RonkainenFSolihull MK Kings841514
61.Marc LeversFBasingstoke Bison84156
62.Rick PlantFGuildford Flames1032520
63.David ClarkeFGuildford Flames632541
64.Michael TaskerFCoventry Blaze1023516
65.Steve RobertsLWFife Flyers823516
66.Mike MorinFHull Thunder814530
67.Nick CrossCBasingstoke Bison814512
68.Frank MorrisDFife Flyers71458
69.Blake KnoxCCardiff Devils831459
70.Gary WishartFDundee Stars102246
71.Mike BishopDHull Thunder822457
72.Stan MarpleFGuildford Flames1013445
73.Paul DixonDGuildford Flames101348
74.Derek KingDFife Flyers813410
75.Neil LiddiardDBasingstoke Bison813428
76.Neil AdamsFSolihull MK Kings43030
77.Tom WatkinsFCoventry Blaze102134
78.Ian HerbersDGuildford Flames1021332
79.Paul MoranRWSolihull MK Kings821318
80.Mike WareRWCardiff Devils8123108
81.Slava KoulikovFSolihull MK Kings81234
82.Mark FlorenceFHull Thunder81230
83.Jeff BurgoyneDCardiff Devils612310
84.Antti KohvakkaDSolihull MK Kings612312
85.David LongstaffFNewcastle Vipers21230
86.Ian DeftyDNewcastle Vipers1003314
87.Andre MaloLDNewcastle Vipers90332
88.Rick StrachanDSolihull MK Kings80334
89.Craig WilsonFEdinburgh Capitals80338
90.Jason StoneDCardiff Devils80334
91.Benoit CotnoirDBasingstoke Bison60336
92.Patrick WardDEdinburgh Capitals50330
93.Jonathan PhillipsFCardiff Devils820224
94.Lee CowmeadowDCardiff Devils82024
95.Brent PopeDSolihull MK Kings811226
96.Stuart LonsdaleFEdinburgh Capitals81120
97.Jason BowenLWGuildford Flames211210
98.Ricky SkeneDGuildford Flames100226
99.Blair ScottRDCardiff Devils802257
100.Johan ErikssonRWSolihull MK Kings80224
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